Thursday, July 20, 2017

Over the holiday I spent a bit of time thinking about student agency and came across a video about a student who was designing his own curriculum by following his passions. The steps he took to carry out his project is very interesting. video from Edutopia

Monday, June 5, 2017

Science in a Van 

8th May 2017

Dear Bayview Families
Science in a Van Road Show!

On Wednesday the 7th of June, the Science in a Van road show will be arriving at Bayview School to provide the students with a fun, engaging and interactive show with science.

The cost for the show is a total of $4.50 per child. It will need to be paid before Tuesday the 6th of June please. Only students who have paid will be able to attend.

Please return and attach the permission slip below and return to your child’s habitat or pay through Ezy Lunch.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

National Costume Day 2017

Celebrating National Costume Day 

National Costume Day in Habitat 10 2017

A very multicultural mix we are with Fijian Indian, Scottish, Filipino, South African, Samoan, Kiwi, Maori, NZ European, Iraqian, Tongan, Korean, Japanese, Danish, Chinese and English heritage. Having this diversity in class helps us grow our understanding of other cultures and our differences and similarities. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Notices week 8

Habitat 10 Notices:

  • Camp has been postponed until June 20th due to all the recent rain in the Hunua Ranges. Unfortunately the Camp was badly damaged and needs more time to get up and running. 
  • Camp parent helpers meeting is still going ahead Wednesday 22nd in the Multimedia suite.
  • Class photos are on this Tuesday.
  • Welcome to Mr Thomas, a student teacher, who will be teaching in Habitat 10 until the end of Term 1. 
  • Remember to bring in things for the class science table. 
  • Maths Buddy is up and running in Habitat 10 so parents ask your children to share their learning with you. 
  • The school library is in use again so library books can be exchanged on Tuesday. 
Mrs Millett

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Dance in Schools visited Bayview and gave us a taste of dance. Check out our video.

Shared Novel

Jave is taking a turn at reading the class novel, Under the Mountain by Maurice Gee, to Habitat 10. Other students have also read to us and we sometimes go outside and sit in the shade of a tree to hear Mrs Millett read the story. We are getting up to the exciting parts now.

The book was sent to the class from the Kelloggs and New World books in schools competition. Hopefully we get some nice new books for the school library after the competition ends at the end of March. Just pop up to Albany New World buy two Kelloggs products, drop you docket into the Bayview School box and we get a free book. That easy!

Circle Time

We have been having Circle Time every Wednesday with Lynley. During this time we have been getting to know each other through games and learning how to take turns and respect others point of view. We have talked about the brain, identified different emotions by looking at body language and facial expressions. We discussed ways that we can identify positive and negative thoughts by being "thought detectives". All the activities are fun and engaging.

This activity below was when we made a web of positive statements about each other.